Privacy Policy

1. Legal Compliance

We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information. And we will control personal information appropriately. We make manual and rule about handling personal information, and announce them thoroughly towards all officers and employees.

2. Management System

Personal information handling director is in charge of handling personal information. Personal information handling manager is assigned at each branch, department, and factory which handles personal information and he/she is under the control of the director.

3. Collection of Personal Information

When we collect personal information, we will define, notify or announce the purpose of usage to the person concerned.

4. Usage of Personal Information

We use the collected personal information to the extent that we notified or announced the purpose of usage in advance.

5. Supply of Personal Information to the Third Parties

We will not supply or disclose personal information without one’s agreement to any third parties unless we are required to do so by a legal order.

6. Control of Personal Information

We handle the personal information appropriately and take necessary security measures in order to prevent personal information from accessed by an unauthorized person, being lost, altered, divulged, or destroyed.

7. To supply, revise, add or delete, etc., Personal Information

When we are required to supply, revise, add or delete, etc. personal information we have collected, we will take appropriate measures with confirmation that the requirement is made by the person concerned. We keep trying to make better system to protect personal information.

Details of Handling Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of Usage of Personal Information

We collect personal information required to conduct ‘Our Operations’, and use it for the ‘Purpose of Usage’ mentioned bellow. We may supply the personal information to our outsourcing company. In that case, we will supervise the company by, for example, making make a contract about handling personal information.

‘Our Operations’

  •  ● Manufacture and sale of feed and fertilizer
  •  ● Purchase and sale of raw feed materials
  •  ● Livestock raising, fisheries business

‘Purpose of Usage’

  1. (1)Making and fulfillment a contract, including providing products and services, management after the contract, and conducting after-sales services of provided products and services.
  2. (2)Making contact which necessary for providing products and services, and sending products.
  3. (3)Providing information about our products and services and about other operations of us.
  4. (4)Demanding payments and collecting, and protecting our credit.
  5. (5)Researching the market, and performing various researches.
  6. (6)Offering prizes or campaigns.
  7. (7)Sending information of seminars or lectures.
  8. (8)Making and fulfillment of contract with client, management after the agreement, and making contact with client if necessary.
  9. (9)Making an analysis of client.
  10. (10)Taking necessary measures and providing conveniences in order to construct and maintain good relationship with client.
  11. (11)Providing information of convention held by us or an organization we belong to, and providing other information if necessary.
  12. (12)Using activities of our CSR.
  13. (13)Replying inquiries and request sent to us.
  14. (14)Providing company information and making contact with our applicant.
  15. (15)Maintaining of facilities, equipment, and machineries, and managing their conditions.

2. Supply of Personal Information to the Third Parties.

We will not supply or disclose personal information without one’s agreement to any third parties unless we are required to do so by a legal order or to accomplish our operations mentioned above.